Progress made in the National Dialogue

March 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

On Wednesday, participants in the National Dialogue held a series of highly productive discussions on several important issues. The tone of Wednesday’s meeting was especially positive in comparison to previous days, during which several points which had been settled were reopened for discussion.

In an effort to prevent future roadbloacks, all attendees agreed to hold to a specific set of procedural rules. These include the imposition of speech time limits, the ability to call breakout sessions, and the ability to hold additional sessions to deal with disagreements. Furthermore, the attendees agreed that a press release recapping the day’s events would be distributed at the conclusion of each day.

The particpants also agreed that the agenda for the Dialogue would be based upon the nine-point letter distributed by the group of five opposition political societies, as well as the proposal made by the group of 10 ten societies. Through setting the agenda for future discussion, the attendees have made important progress in establishing the scope of the talks. Indeed, there is no limit to what reforms can be debated and approved through consensus.

In order to prepare for a highly substantive discussion, the participants decided to meet again on Wednesday, March 6.

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