Continuing the National Dialogue

February 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Over the past week, participants in the National Dialogue have held two additional sessions. Although these talks have not progressed at the same rate as they did during the first two sessions, it is encouraging that the attendees have remained engaged in the proceedings.

I was disappointed to read that the participants from the group of six political societies refused to sign the declaration of non-violence put before the group. Doing so would have been a crucial confidence building measure aimed at establishing bonds of trust that had atrophied over the past two years.

In consensus-based dialogues it is imperative that all participants remain committed to agreements they have made in the past and to refrain from reopening items for discussion that have already obtained approval. The National Dialogue is a forum for discussing and arriving at consensus on meaningful political reform. Continuing to revisit issues that have already been agreed upon only serves to hinder this process.

I hope all attendees will continue to approach their participation with the seriousness required to achieve meaningful consensus on the most important issues for Bahrain’s future.

The Dialogue’s next session will take place tomorrow, February 27.

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