The Second Day of Dialogue

February 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

On Wednesday, delegates from across Bahraini civil society participated in the second session of the renewed National Dialogue. This session focused on developing the framework for the political discussions to follow and provided an opportunity for all participants to contribute to the Dialogue’s future success.
The assembled delegates have been working diligently throughout the first two sessions to build a strong rapport in order to make the talks as successful and inclusive as possible. Discussion during the second session, for example, focused almost exclusively on the nine-point document submitted by six opposition political societies. Based on their deliberations, the delegates decided that agreement on specific proposals should be driven by consensus – rather than simple negotiations. They also concurred that the final agreements developed by the dialogue would be final and not subject to amendment. Furthermore, all those in attendance agreed that there would be no restrictions on what types of political reform would be discussed at the dialogue. The work done thus far is very encouraging and hopefully portends the dialogue’s ultimate success.
Delegates will assemble next on Wednesday, February 20 in the third session of the Dialogue.

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