Celebrating Bahrain’s people and culture

January 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bahrain’s people and culture are two of its most precious assets, and it is important to support the continuous evolution of Bahrain’s cultural heritage through the creative expression of its residents.

The Culture and National Heritage sector of Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture (MOC) is responsible for developing and implementing plans and programs relating to culture, arts, and heritage in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It does so through the continuous development of programs and infrastructure in order to keep pace with local and global developments.

Via its museums and its cultural and heritage, the sector also seeks to open new dialogue with other cultures and create multicultural events that broaden the horizons of Bahrainis and visitors alike. Recently the National Theater featured the Russian Ballet, the Italian Opera, and the annual Fine Arts Exhibition.

In a fresh initiative to discover and showcase the creative exploration and innovation happening today in Bahrain, the MOC in association with Manama, Capital of Arab Tourism, 2013 has recently initiated an open call specifically to product, furniture and jewelry designers, bakers, artists, and virtually all creative types living and working in Bahrain. Until February 1, 2013, it will accept submissions which will be considered based on innovative use of material and/or production methods, relevance to contemporary design and emerging design in the Gulf region, and connection to local or domestic manufacturing capabilities.

The goal is to showcase the work of as many of these creative designers as possible in a future project planned for spring 2013. The ensuing events will also allow for collaboration and sharing to occur between the divergent cultural communities and the general public in Bahrain. The Bahraini government places great importance on the value of self expression, and such initiatives are imperative to encourage innovation and cooperation among Bahrain’s diverse and vibrant population.


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