Bahrain’s Women Pioneers: Women in the Army and Police

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Women have been appointed to a number of leadership positions within Bahrain’s society in recent years, showing the progress and development of women’s rights in the kingdom. Overall, they have gained significant recognition for their achievements in the Gulf region and beyond.

Two such women from Bahrain are Dr. Aisha Mobarak Jabir and Dr. Moza Rashid Ahmed who were the first women in the Gulf promoted to the senior rank in the Bahrain Defense Forces. Women have been involved and held prominent roles in the BDF for over 30 years. However, it was not until recently that women were granted the opportunity to receive the same training and responsibilities as their male counterparts.

In May 2004, Dr. Aisha and Dr. Moza were appointed as colonels in Bahrain’s military. According to Bahrain Defense Force Hospital Medical Services Commander Sheikh Salman, the historical day marked the government’s realization that women play a vital role in the country’s future.

At the time of their promotion, Dr. Aisha was the Chief of Doctors and the Head of Radiology and Dr. Moza was Head of the Maternity Department within the BDF Hospital Royal Medical Services.

In addition to the military, Bahrain’s police also has a female colonel. In December 2001, Dr. Col. Awatef Al Jishi was appointed to Commander of the Women Police Directorate.

Since then, women’s role in the military and police force has further expanded, showing the continued advancement of women’s rights in the region. The military has also increased the number of training programs, which have allowed women to specialize in other military activities and expand their involvement in military engineering and planning.

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