Bahrain’s Women Pioneers: Sheikha Lulwa bint Mohammed Al Khalifa

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

In recognition of the important role women and children play in the development of a community, Sheikha Lulwa bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, devoted herself to advancing their rights and increasing their level of engagement in society. She invested a great deal of energy in the establishment of Bahrain’s first NGO – the Bahrain Children & Mothers Welfare Society – in 1953. Today, she serves as its President.

Since it was founded, the Association has helped encourage women to take on leadership positions in their communities and has provided assistance to patients, orphans, handicapped, elderly homes and material support for needy families. As President, Sheikha Lulwa ensured that women, children and men who helped promote and enhance her humanitarian initiatives were honored. She promoted voluntary work and solidarity in the community through such recognition as well as governmental support by expressing her constant gratitude.

Sheikha Lulwa has hosted a number of events to raise awareness about women’s and children’s rights in Bahrain and has greatly advanced the movement by placing it at the forefront of national issues. In honor of her hard work and perseverance over the last 50 years, Sheikha Lulwa was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Women. She was selected for her outstanding efforts in supporting Bahraini women causes and rights as a pioneer in this domain. She has set an example for us all and was rightly praised for her work.

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